Going back

No more taking a course just to “tick a box”

We have all been in the situation of completing training to “tick a box”. It’s frustrating at best and a critical waste of time and money at worst.


The time and effort spent on:


  • completing the course for employees,
  • tracking and monitoring the activities for HR,
  • urging the teams for managers.


All adds up to an enormous waste of valuable hours.


The corporate landscape of today is all about outcomes.
Except that the delivery of those outcomes is all about skills.
From now on, business leaders are therefore highly focusing on skills pipelines and strategic capacities for the future.


And it is precisely because of this that Boostrs has developed the number 1 way to supercharge your LMS platform: a multilingual jobs and skills ontology and state-of-the-art NLP and ANN algorithms.


With this AI-powered skills intelligence engine, your LMS will become more than just a content delivery platform. It will give your clients the ability to match the skills needed in roles to appropriate training courses.


More, your LMS won’t be simply a content library. Thanks to indexes based on market trends, you will be able to optimize your training catalog to help your clients to preempt a skills shortage and approprietly upskill/reskill people within their organization thanks to relevant training contents.


Finally, the main benefit of using Boostrs’ data and technology is that it integrates seamlessly into the way you and your customers operate.


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