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[Video] Skill-driven matching: Focus on learners information and profile

The matching of learners and training content consists in connecting learner profiles with adapted training. What learners’ data is required to carry out this skill-driven matching?





Here is the information you can rely on:


  • The job title : a learner’s job title can be enough to match his or her profile with a training content. Indeed, knowing which job he or she occupies is key information for guiding the courses recommendations according to his or her potential interests.


  • The training courses already taken: the history of training courses already taken by a learner gives indications about the domains that he or she has explored so far and those that may be close to it. Thus, it helps the matching technology to make recommendations by association.


  • Additional information: if you have access to other information about a learner, the technology can also consider it. In fact, the more precise information it has about a learner, the more accurate the results it provides.



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