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[Video] Skill-driven matching: Focus on skills mapping accuracy

Skills mapping consists in using technology to associate one or more skills with a content. This is a necessary preliminary step before any HR objects can be linked together. But how effective is this AI-based approach? 





The following elements can impact the accuracy level of skills mapping:


  •  The number of skills requested: the higher the number of skills requested, the lower the accuracy. It is not surprising since the higher the number of skills requested, the less specific they are to the subject or field concerned.


  • The types of content analyzed: the more content and skills are related to each type in the training data, and the more the content refers to specific technical skills, the more accurate the results obtained.


  • The amount of text provided: in the context of learning, the level of accuracy increases gradually from 1 to 20 words. Then, after 30 words, it stabilizes and there is no additional gain – even when the content provided contain hundreds of words.


  • The language: the more the language is represented in the training data, the more accurate the model can be in that language.



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