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This Cookie Management Policy, established according to the article 32II of the Law n°78-17 of 6 january 1978 said « informatique et libertés » and to the CNIL deliberation of the 5 December 2013, is aimed at users of the website, (hereafter the « WEBSITE »), namely, any person who accesses and navigates the WEBSITE, and in particular the users and members registered on the WEBSITE or the visitors.

By browsing the WEBSITE, you agree that the cookies as described below may be placed on your device in accordance with this Cookies Management Policy.


The controller of the USERS’ data collected via the WEBSITE is the company BOOST.RS, is a simplified joint-stock company with a capital of 50 000,00 euros, registered at Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés de Nanterre – under the number 827 963 836, located at 91 rue Yves Kermen 92100 BOULOGNE BILLANCOURT, in the person of its legal representative duly authorized to conclude these (hereafter « BOOST.RS »).


A cookie is a small text file introduced on the hard disk of your device during your visit to a website. It saves certain information about your browsing or online behavior that allows us to improve and facilitate your experience as a user.


The WEBSITE uses cookies to differentiate users to improve their browsing and the services offered to them. In practice, cookies allow you to be authenticated and identified, they can, if necessary, record your preferences or measure the different uses of the WEBSITE.


BOOST.RS favors transparency in the processing of your data. As such, and for your information to be as clear as possible, you will find below various cookies used on the WEBSITE and their purpose:

5.1. First-part cookies

Cookies are functional and technical allowing mainly to improve your navigation on the SITE. They are the ones who will send information to our site and to your browser: storage of information about a form (identifier, address), display preferences of your device (language, resolution), security measures such as expiration of your session etc.

Compliance Cookie CThis cookie allows the WEBSITE to know whether your browser accepts cookies.

Session State Cookie This cookie allows the WEBSITE to retain your logs of connection, at your request

Please note that browsing the WEBSITE and / or using certain features may be impaired if you choose to delete cookies.

5.2. Third party cookies

By visiting the WEBSITE, it is possible that partner companies may set up cookies on your device. The use of these cookies is subject to the same restrictions on the protection of personal data established by the law “Informatique et Libertés”. In the settings of your browser, you can disable these third-party cookies alone or together with ours.

(a) Google cookies

Cookies « Google PREF » These cookies are stored on your computer and read as soon as you access a Google service in unauthenticated and authenticated mode.It contains certain information (one or two unique identifiers, a creation and modification date, an unfalsifiable signature, the user’s preferences, in particular the language of use, the number of results to be displayed per page …) and is used to collect various data such as your interactions with Google services (searches made, pages viewed, links clicked …) and visits to sites not under Google’s domain name but using Google services (widget +1).

Cookies « Google NID» Like the cookie « Pref », the cookies « NID » are stored on your computer and read as soon as you access a Google service in unauthenticated mode.It contains certain information (a unique identifier for each browser) and allows to collect data identical to those collected via the cookies « Pref ».

Cookies « Google Analytics» Example : _ga These cookies, described at collect anonymous information and generate reports on the WEBSITE usage statistics without you being personally identified by Google

5.2.1. Social Media Cookies We include within a majority of WEBSITE pages computer applications that allow real-time sharing of WEBSITE content with other people. This is the case for the “Share”, “Like”, or “+1” buttons. of social networks.

It is specified that any social network can identify you or track your navigation using one of these buttons even without clicking on it, as long as your session is open in your browser. Each social network has its own data protection policy and BOOST.RS has no control over the use of cookies and other tracers issued by these third-party companies. We invite you to check with these social networks to learn more about the possible settings regarding the confidentiality of your account (Facebook™, Twitter™, LinkedIn™ etc.)

LinkedIn Corporation authorization cookie Facilitate the login to the BOOST.RS application via Linkedin


On your computers, smartphones and other Internet browsing device, by default the browser accepts the cookies on the websites.

But you remain in control of the installation of these cookies because you have the possibility to configure your navigation software to:

accept or reject cookies on the WEBSITE

systematically refuse all cookies

ask for your consent on each of the cookies you encounter while browsing the internet.

To do this, simply refer to your navigation software and follow their instructions. For exemple :

With Internet Explorer : Tools menu > Internet Options > Confidentiality > Chose level

With Firefox : Tools menu > Options > Privacy > Chose options

With Chrome : Configuration menu (logo parameters) > Parameters > Advanced parameters > Content parameters > Chose options

With Safari : Safari (logo parameters) > Preferences > Security > Show cookies > Chose options

With Opera : Tools menu ► Preferences > Advanced > Cookies > Manage cookies > Chose option

As mentioned above, by choosing to block our cookies, we would like to inform you that navigation on the WEBSITE and / or the use of certain functionalities could be altered. In any case, if you choose to delete all cookies, your user experience will be strongly affected and your browsing preferences will be erased.


By browsing the WEBSITE, you agree that BOOST.RS installs so-called “technical” cookies that access, record and access information stored in your terminal equipment:

the sole purpose of which is to enable or facilitate communication by electronic means;

strictly necessary for the provision of the online communication service of the WEBSITE.

When you register on the WEBSITE, you have also been informed of the presence of tracer cookies intended in particular to propose you offers tailored to your interests, to realize statistics of visits and the possibility to oppose yourself to it by accessing this Cookie Management Charter.


As for other data, these rights may be exercised, by simple request by e-mail to the address or by postal mail to the BOOST.RS headquarters 91 rue Yves Kermen 92100 BOULOGNE BILLANCOURT, indicating in the object « Informatique et libertés » and by justifying your identity and a legitimate reason when this is required by law.

In addition, if your web browser allows it, you can disable these cookies at any time by referring to the procedures detailed above.


In any case, the information stored on your device (eg cookies) or any other element used to identify you for the purposes of audience statistics is not retained beyond a thirteen (13) month period. This duration being not automatically extended during your new visits to the WEBSITE

Beyond this period, the raw data associated with an identifier are either deleted or anonymized.