Data as a DNA

→ Our Boostrs data team, it’s 6 data scientists, including 4 PhDs, who put their expertise to good use by designing solutions to help companies solve their HR problems and achieve their vision.

Data 0.5

Our will

Data science for business problems solving

  • The team members have a proven track record in applying data science to business problems, with several thought leadership publications in the Harvard Business Review.
  • Furthermore, they all have a strong research background in AI data analysis techniques, with extensive scientific publication record.

Our expertise

Algorithms as powerful HR tools

  • Boostrs solutions use automatic recognition algorithms to identify the standardized occupation behind each job title. Simple as it appears, the creativity employees show when choosing their job title is limitless !


  • They use advanced algorithms to map out career paths, combining the overlap in the skill sets required with the degree of similarity in other job attributes such as job titles or descriptions.


  • We use advanced embedding algorithms to link learning and development content to skills, quantifying the value of each given training program in units of the skills it imparts.


  • We determine the hard and soft skills required for every job. Furthermore, we use external data to understand the trends powering the evolution of skills and jobs – which is critical for Future of Work projects.

Our maxim

Accessibility and simplicity as a mindset

  • We are passionate about making data insight accessible to the wide public, be it through powerful visualizations or fact-based storylines.


  • Above all, we believe strongly that the best data science is not necessarily about using complex tools, but about finding simple ideas (innovating angles) to quantify and solve hard problems.


  • We adhere to the principle that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, and avoid black-box algorithms whenever possible.