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  • reliable and sector-specific data
  • always up-to-date
  • ready in 6 weeks maximum

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Map your company's skills

  • Automatically create your business and skills repository from your job list or import your existing repository
  • Skillmapper enriches it with reliable and dynamic data sources

« Their unique algorithmic expertise in the processing of business data, skills and training has saved us valuable time »

Manage and customize your jobs and skills repository

  • Improve your repository with your business knowledge and that of your employees
  • Keep control over your repository by editing and customizing your data

« The tailor-made approach, based on mastering business data and skills, is really in line with what we were looking for »

Design and implement your HR development strategy

  • Automatically create career paths for each of your positions
  • Plan your training activities

« allows us to go much faster, to be more precise and thinner, and above all to be much more concrete with regard to agents and operational departments. It also avoids deploying a lot of agents at the HR level on a project that is very long and time-consuming »

Monitor the evolution of your company’s jobs

  • Discover trends for each of your jobs and skills
  • Analyze the data of your repository to make the right decisions

« has brought us a great expertise in the field of data around skills (reliability, trends...). We were able to verify and test the validity of the data provided by as well as its comprehensiveness »

“We consolidate over 50 job and skill repositories”

  • Generalist repositories (O*Net, ESCO, ROME, World Economic Forum, ILO…)
  • Sector-specific repositories (CNFPT, RIME, LEEM, OPIIEC, Fafiec…)
  • Various jobs posting sites to analyze market trends (jobs and skills)

Integrate our jobs and skills data into your HR systems with our APIs