Develop your company’s talents and boost internal mobility

  • Career coach for all your employees
  • Real-time skills mapping of your company
  • Matching skills and profiles with your projects and positions to be filled

Build meaningful
career paths

  • Define career objectives together with your employees
  • Support your employees career development

"Boost.rs is first and foremost a tool to facilitate internal mobility and strategic workforce planning"

Instantly find the right person for the right mission

  • Easily match your vacancies with the most relevant employee profiles
  • Build project teams, work on succession planning

The issues at stake for the RATP group that we tackle with Boost.rs revolve around professional incapacity as well as international mobility for some of our employees. RATP is a large group with many employees, whose complex and risky jobs sometimes put them in a position of professional incapacity. Reclassification of these employees is a high priority and concern for the group.

A simple tool to actively engage your employees in managing their career

Skills assessment

Talentmapper helps your employees assess their hard skills, soft skills and languages.

Career Options

Talentmapper suggests them options for their future job.

Development plan

Talentmapper helps them define their training needs.