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One solution to breakthough some of your toughest HR challenges : turnover, recruitment efficiency, internal mobility, training engagement, employee productivity… Sounds unreal? It’s not.

Get A Full Skills Profile
From Just A Job Title

Skills Mapping

  • Natural language processing
  • Built-in skill repositories
  • Always fresh job & skills database
  • Customizable
  • On-demand job descriptions
  • Real-time update

Search Engine

Find Anyone in the Company based on Skills

  • One click search
  • Best match result display
  • Multi-criteria search
  • Customizable
  • One touch messaging

Project Teams

Staff Project Teams in No Time

  • Mapping past experience
  • Real-time talent availibility and interest
  • Project-based competency suggestions
  • Candidate application parsing
  • CV parsing
  • Skills matching
  • Automatic shortlist generation

Digital Career Coach

Designing A Career Path that Will Actually Help

  • Next best job suggestions
  • Employee preference input
  • Simple UX
  • Built-in deployment tool

Individual Training

Build Personalized Training Recommendations with 0 Effort

  • Individual training catalogue
  • Linked to desired career path
  • Internal and external training content
  • Engagement analytics

Our Methodology

«It's amazing... But what if employees don't use it?» Don't worry. We built all the solution with employee adoption and benefit in mind.

We define clear objectives, a deployment strategy and drive it together:

  • A custom deployment plan designed specifically for your challenges
  • We help you drive user adoption in-house
  • We help you keep long-term usage
  • 24/7 Support


Just Need Our Data ?
Add Premium Skills Data To Your Product

The Boost.rs API enables you to enrich your profile data with skills. Integrate into your product. Get a professional, skill-based overview of your profiles.


We Integrate with and Enhance Your Favorite Tools

Unleash the power of skills mapping - NOW

Boost.rs™ is more than just a software – we bring our playbook for success. We help you breakthrough your most specific HR challenges. We know what you are going through.

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