HR objects matching

Match any HR object with each other and enhance your users’ career management.


→ Career path, learning path, training suggestions, skills gap calculation…


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Custom Learning path

Match your users with custom and relevant learning content and help them to grow.

Custom Career path

Find an accurate career path (internal or external) for any given job.

Skills gap

Identify the missing skills to evolve between any two given jobs.

Job comparison

Check the level of matching and the differences between any two given jobs.


Candidates' opportunities

Match your users with job opportunities based on their own sets of skills.


Candidates ranking

Rank any user profile with an opening position by matching level.


Best candidate research

Match job title(s) for opening jobs with CV pool and find the most relevant candidates.


- STEP 1 -


Create a representation of your jobs and skills standardizing the job titles of your organization in order to associate them with “standard” jobs and get the list of standardized skills that are associated with them.

Dataset :

You can rely on Boostrs’ jobs and skills ontology or you can standardize your own jobs and skills repository.
Technology :
Our solutions rely on state-of-the-art natural language processing (NLP) and artificial neural network (ANN) algorithms developed by an A-team of PhDs in data science.

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- STEP 2 -


Based on your normalized repository, our matching technology will identify, for a given HR object, the top « x » HR object or objects within a given pool.
This first object is therefore matched with one or more other objects selected from a large group of objects (CVs, learning content, opening jobs, etc.) to meet the specific needs of an HR process.

Matching capacities :

  • One object to another object
  • One object to a pool of objects
  • A pool of objects with another pool of objects


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Don't wait any longer to boost your solution, opt for ontology

Learning, recruitment, internal mobility, all these HR processes are linked by a common element : skills
To address these topics in an optimal way, relying on a jobs and skills ontology is paramount. This system describes key HR objects such as jobs, skills, courses or user profiles, and allows to link them together, using skills as a common denominator.
Powered up with matching and multilingual semantic analysis algorithms, you then get access to an intelligent system which can create individualized career and training paths.

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