BOOSTRS pays great attention to your privacy.

This privacy policy applies to you, as a user of the website available at www.boostrs (hereafter named the WEBSITE). The purpose of this document is to provide you with information on how your personal data will be collected and processed by BOOSTRS (hereafter the COMPANY).


Respect for your private life and your personal data is a priority for the company BOOSTRS which undertakes to comply with the regulations in force in France and the European Union regarding the protection of personal DATA.

As part of the use of this service, BOOSTRS undertakes to respect the three following essential principles:

  • You remain in control of your personal data;
  • Your data will be handled in a transparent, confidential, and secure fashion;
  • You remain in control of your consent when sharing your date with a third party.

By browsing the WEBSITE, you accept the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy. In the event of disagreement with any of the provisions of the Privacy Policy, please do not browse the WEBSITE and/or use BOOSTRS SERVICES.




  • ADMINISTRATOR : Means a MEMBER who defines the access rights (reading, modification, administration) and prerogatives (management of the COMPANY PROFILE, creations of TEAMS, search for skills and profiles, management of the COMPANY’s business referentials and skills) of each USER within the CONTRIBUTION AREAS.


  • ACCOUNT : Means the interface in which all the data provided by the MEMBER are grouped together. This data includes information about the MEMBER such as its e-mail address, personal information, etc. It is specified that an ACCOUNT cannot be transferred to a third party.


  • APPLICABLE LAW : The Privacy Policy is governed by Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 as amended and its implementing regulations (the “Loi Informatique et Libertés”) the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (the “GPDR”), Directive 2002/58/EC of 12 July 2002 concerning privacy and electronic communications (the “EPrivacy Directive”), as well as any legislative and/or regulatory act under French or European law applicable in France that may modify or replace the GPDR, the Loi Informatique et Libertés or the ePrivacy Directive.


  • CONTENT: Refers to all the information and data communicated by the MEMBERS on the CONTRIBUTION AREAS or via their ACCOUNTS, including all formats comprising texts, photographs, images, videos and all other multimedia formats.


  • COMPANY: Means the entity in which the MEMBER carries out his professional activity and who has subscribed to the services of BOOSTRS. Thanks to an invitation code the MEMBER can easily share the data on his profile with the COMPANY.


  • COMPANY PROFILE : Means the presentation page of a COMPANY, which may be freely adapted at any time by the latter, through its ADMINISTRATOR. In particular, it presents its corporate name, description or main location.


  • CONTRIBUTION AREAS : Refers to all digital communication, publication, consultation, exchange and sharing spaces, on which each MEMBER may freely publish CONTENTS. The PROFILE is one of the WEBSITE’s CONTRIBUTION AREAS.


  • DATA PROTECTION OFFICER : Refers the personal data controller of BOOSTRS.


  • GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE OF USERS AND MEMBERS or GCU : the Privacy Policy is an integral part of it and must be read in conjunction with the General Terms and Conditions of Use which are accessible via this link [à ajouter]


  • GRADE : Refers to the appreciation by MEMBERS of his SKILL on a scale ranging from 0 to 100%.


  • IDENTIFIERS: Means the identifiers linked to the LinkedIn or Facebook profile of the MEMBER or his e-mail address and his password, according to the login option he has chosen for his ACCOUNT.


  • LINK TO THIRD PARTY WEBSITES : Our WEBSITE may contain or use links to websites, mobile applications, products or services that are operated by third parties (including advertising sites, BOOSTRS partners or social networks). We remind you that the Privacy Policy does not extend to those third parties over whom BOOSTRS has no control and for whom we cannot be held responsible. We encourage you to review the privacy policies, procedures and practices of these third parties.


  • MEMBER: Refers to any adult USER who creates an ACCOUNT and a PROFILE in order to benefit from the various services and features offered by BOOSTRS


  • PERSONAL DATA : Refers to all PROFILE information related to registered employees or USERS of our various solutions.


  • PROFILE : Refers to the page of presentation of a MEMBER, which may at any time be freely adapted by the latter. It presents its first and last names, profile picture, professional email address, personal email address (in case the password is lost or forgotten), phone number, current position (company, service), years of experience, diplomas, conferences, other professional experiences, hobbies.


  • SERVICE : Means all the functionalities offered by the WEBSITE, namely the services of SKILLMAPPER, TALENTMAPPER and SKILLFINDER, This includes in particular the management of the PROFILE, the evaluation of SKILLS, the sharing of the PROFILE with other persons or to his COMPANY.


  • SKILL: Means a quality or a talent of a MEMBER They are only positive elements of evaluation of the qualities of a MEMBER. The list of available SKILLS is predefined on the WEBSITE. The SKILLS are divided into different categories.


  • SKILLFINDER : Refers to the SERVICE that allows to a COMPANY to automatically training content into standardized SKILLS.


  • SKILLMAPPER : Refers to the SERVICE that allows the ADMINISTRATORS of a COMPANY to create and manage reference frame (s) trades and skills of its COMPANY.


  • TALENTMAPPER : Refers to the SERVICE that allows a MEMBER to develop his SKILLS and manage his career by sharing his PROFILE with his COMPANY. TALENTMAPPER also allows the ADMINISTRATORS of the COMPANY to map and search all the SIKLLS of the MEMBER’S COMPANY.


  • TEAM : Refers to an entity within the COMPANY. A TEAM is created by MEMBERS authorized by an ADMINISTRATOR of the COMPANY and is composed of MEMBERS. There can be as many TEAMS as necessary within a COMPANY.


  • USER: Refers to all the MEMBERS and VISITORS.


  • VISITOR : Refers to any USER who uses SKILLMAPPER SERVICES as part of a trial version.


  • WEBSITE: Means the application developed by BOOSTRS and accessible at the following address : http://www.boostrs allowing the USERS to create an ACCOUNT et to manage their PROFILES by evaluating their SKILLS. The WEBSITE gathers all the web pages, services and functionalities offered to the USERS.




Your personal data are collected and processed by :


The company BOOSTRS, is a simplified joint-stock company with a capital of 72 581,00 euros, registered at Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés de Nanterre – under the number 827 963 836, located at 91 rue Yves Kermen 92100 BOULOGNE BILLANCOURT, in the person of its legal representative duly authorized to conclude these (hereafter « BOOSTRS »)


BOOSTRS is therefore the person in charge of the processing of the personal data, implemented in the context of the exploitation of the WEBSITE that it edits.


For any questions regarding the management and use of your PERSONAL DATA, you can contact our DATA PROTECTION OFFICER :


  • By email at : dpo@boostrs
  • By mail at : DPO BOOSTRS Cabinet HAAS Avocats, 32 rue La Boétie – 75008 Paris (France).




As part of the exploitation of its WEBSITE, BOOSTRS may collect PERSONAL DATA concerning USERS.


Those data will be processed in accordance with the purposes set forth during the collect.


In particular, BOOSTRS may collect PERSONAL DATA :


  • When you visit the WEBSITE;
  • When you use the functionalities and/or the SERVICES provided on the WEBSITE ;
  • When you register, create and update your ACCOUNT ;
  • When you create and update your PROFILE ;
  • When you engage in exchanges with BOOSTRS.

Regardless of the manner in which PERSONAL DATA is collected, BOOSTRS undertakes to inform you of:  the purposes of processing, whether the responses sought are required or optional, possible consequences of failure to reply, data recipients, the existence of a right to access, modify and oppose the data processing.


BOOSTRS undertakes to obtain your consent and/or allows you to object to the use of your PERSONAL DATA for certain purposes.


The PERSONAL DATA that may be collected and processed by BOOSTRS to accomplish the purposes described in this Privacy Policy includes :


  • identification data (gender, last name, first name, postal and email address, phone number, if need be a copy of the ID card, a copy of identity papers for the purposes of proof of the exercise of a right of access, rectification or opposition or to fulfill a legal obligation) ;
  • data concerning the management and security of your ACCOUNT (identifiers, passwords, exchanges with BOOSTRS’s customer department) ;
  • data concerning follow-up on relationships : information requests, exchanges history with the BOOSTRS services
  • connection data (IP address, connection logs) ;
  • data linked to the PROFILE :
    • data concerning the identity of the MEMBER (First name, Last name, Profil picture, Email address, Personal email address (in case of loss of password and necessary for the portability of the PROFILE), Phone number);
    • data concerning follow-up of the MEMBER’s career : Current position (company department), previous professional experiences, wishes of the MEMBER in terms of employment) ;
    • data concerning the professional evaluation of the MEMBER : professional skills on the basis of objective criteria and with a direct and necessary link to the job held, comments and wishes expressed by the MEMBER ;
    • data concerning the MEMBER’s training : Years of experience, Diplomas, Conferences, Other professional experiences, Foreign languages used, Areas of interest;
  • data relating to your usa of the WEBSITE ;
  • information from a social network.




Depending on your use of the SERVICES and your interactions with BOOSTRS, we collect and use your PERSONAL DATA for different purposes. In each case, we collect and use only the data that are relevant and necessary for the purpose we are pursuing.


  • We process your PERSONAL DATA for the purpose of performing our SERVICES, in accordance with the GCU :
    • Provide the SERVICES to which you have subscribed pursuant to the GCU ;
    • Management of MERMBERS (management of ACCOUNTS, commercial management, follow-up relations with MEMBERS (satisfaction surveys, after-sales service…);


  • Satisfy the legitimate interests of BOOSTRS, such as :
    • Manage the commercial relationship with the USER (answer a question asked via a contact form, send you information about our SERVICES, send newsletters, etc.);
    • Ensure the security, proper functioning and continuous improvement of the WEBSITE, its SERVICES and its functionalities;


  • To comply with the law, regulations and requests and legal orders applicable to BOOSTRS.




When registering, managing your ACCOUNT, creating your PROFILE, you will fill up multiple forms and communicate various personal data concerning yourself, in order to benefit from the SERVICES offered by BOOTS.RS.


By providing BOOSTRS with your PERSONAL DATA, you expressly consent to have such data collected and processed by BOOSTRS for the purposes described in each support of data collections.


The MEMBER is always free to share his PERSONAL DATA related to his ACCOUNT with the COMPANY that employs him.


The DATA PROTECTION OFFICER and not the COMPANY, making it possible to obtain a free, specific and informed consent from the MEMBER who does not have a subordinate relationship with BOOSTRS.


As a USER, when browsing on the WEBSITE you consent to have your connection data to the WEBSITE collected to facilitate your navigation


The MEMBER may at any time consult the list of MEMBERS and COMPANIES with whom his profile is shared. He may also revoke access to this ACCOUNT at any time/




Your PERSONAL DATA will not be communicated, exchanged, sold, or leased to anyone without your consent, which will have been given after you have received prior information, except in the cases listed below :


  • Within BOOSTRS: We may share your PERSONAL DATA to ensure the performance of our SERVICES and the proper functioning of our WEBSITE, as well as to manage our relationship with our USERS;


  • Within your COMPANY, to USERS and MEMBERS: the PERSONAL DATA entered in your PROFILE can be shared with your COMPANY, to other USERS and MEMBERS according to the parameters you have selected within your ACCOUNT.


Depending on your choices, the following PERSONAL DATA that you publish may be made available to USERS, MEMBERS and your COMPANY:


  • Data concerning your identification:
  • Data concerning your career follow-up;
  • Data concerning your professional evaluation;
  • Data concerning your training.


  • With third parties service providers: We may disclose your PERSONAL DATA to third parties, within or outside the European Union, in particular to provide you with the SERVICES, as part of joint SERVICES offers or services, as well as to help us operate the WEBSITE and send newsletter.


  • With third parties for legal reasons: In the event that BOOSTRS is required to comply with laws and regulations and/or requests and legal orders or if permitted by law (i. e. for protection and defense of rights, a situation that threatens life, health or safety, etc.).


We always require these third parties to provide sufficient guarantees of confidentiality and security and to take the necessary physical, organizational and technical measures to protect and secure your PERSONAL DATA, in accordance with the legislation in force.


Any transfers of your PERSONAL DATA outside the European Union are governed by the mechanisms validated by the European Commission or the competent authorities.




BOOSTRS undertakes to ensure that the data it collects is retained in a manner that allows your identification only for as long as necessary to achieve the purposes for which such data has been collected and processed, except in case where the APPLICABLE LAW authorizes or requires us to keep them for longer.


The table below summarizes the different maximum retention periods applicable or imposed on BOOSTRS depending on the purposes for which your PERSONAL DATA may be processed. These maximum periods apply unless you request the deletion or termination of your data before its expiry for a reason compatible with any legal obligation that may apply to BOOSTRS and/or compliance with limitation periods.


PurposesRetention periods
Execution of SERVICES1 year after the closing or termination of your ACCOUNT, with the exception of PERSONAL DATA which are kept for 3 years from the closing of your ACCOUNT, their collection or the last contact from you.
Management of the commercial relationship with USERS and MEMBERS3 years after the last contact with the USER or MEMBER.
Functioning of the WEBSITE1 year



Access, rectification, limitation, update and deletion of your PERSONAL DATA.


You can, at any time, access, modify or delete all or part of your PERSONAL DATA directly from your PROFILE. You may also request access to your PERSONAL DATA held and processed by BOOT.RS, consult them, obtain a paper or electronic copy and request their correction, update, limitation or deletion. You can exercise these rights by sending a written request, accompanied by a copy of your identity document to the contract mentioned in Article 13 “Contact US”. We will endeavor to respond to your requests as soon as possible and under the conditions provided for by the APPLICABLE LAW. However, in some cases, we may not be able to respond positively to them in order to comply with our legal or contractual obligations or this may lead to difficulties in the execution of the SERVICES or the functioning of the WEBSITE.


Opposition. You can, at any time, manage communications with BOOSTRS from your PROFILE by defining your preferences in the Notification Settings.


You may, at any time, request to no longer receive information or offers, either by writing to us at one of the addresses indicated in Article 13 “Contact Us”. In some cases, the exercise of your right to object may result in a change in the way we provide our SERVICES or the operation of the WEBSITE, if your PERSONAL DATA is required in connection with them.


Portability. In the cases provided for by the APPLICABLE LAW, you may also exercise your right to portability by writing to us at the address indicated in Article 13 “Contact Us”. We will endeavor to respond to your requests as soon as possible and under the conditions provided for by the APPLICABLE LAW. However, in some cases, we may not be able to respond positively to them in order to comply with our legal or contractual obligations.


Complaint to a Control Authority. Without prejudice to any other legal remedy, you have the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority of the European Union country in which you reside, work or in which you consider that a violation of your rights has been commited.




9.1 What is a cookie?

By browsing on the WEBSITE, information relating to your browsing and your device (computer, tablet, smartphones, etc.) may be stored using small “Cookies” text files installed on your device through your Internet browser, subject to the choices you have made regarding Cookies and that you can change at any time (see the section “Configuring my cookies” below).


Only the issuer of a Cookie may access this Cookie and read or modify information contained therein. The information about you contained in the Cookies we use is not transmitted to third parties other than our subcontractors, when necessary, for the purpose of providing our SERVICES. We do not pass on this data to other third parties.


9.2 Which cookies are used by BOOSTRS and for which purposes?

By browsing ont the WEBSITE, we and, if need be, the service providers acting on our behalf, may, subject to your choices, install various cookies on your device, allowing us to recognize the browser on our device during the retention period. The Cookies we issue are used for the purposes described below, subject to the choices you can make at any time with us (see below “Configuring my cookies”).


9.3 Understand BOOSTRS’s use of your Cookies and how you can prevent it


9.4 Your Cookies choice


You can at any time set your browser to accept, restrict or disable all or part of the Cookies. You have the option to delete all Cookies already stored on your computer. Your browser can also be set to notify you when cookies are stored on your device and ask you whether or not to accept them (on a case-by-case basis or in full).


Each browser is different, refer to the “help” menu of your browser for more information on how you can set it up. However, we remind you that disabling all or part of the Cookies may disrupt the normal operation of our Site and some of its features.


If necessary, you may use the cookie blocking tools deployed by our third party service providers, as described in the section “Understanding BOOSTRS’s use of Cookies and how to prevent them” above.




You have the option of clicking on the icons dedicated to the social networks Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn appearing on the WEBSITE. Any personal information that you may designate as public and accessible from your Twitter and LinkedIn, profiles shall be accessible to BOOSTRS and the USER expressly authorizes this access.


However BOOT.RS does not create or use any independent database of Twitter and Linkedin from any personal information you may post there and the Company will not process any data relating to your privacy through this means.


If you wish to challenge the BOOSTRS access to personal information designated as public and accessible from a link between your profiles and the applicable social network, you must use the applicable social network functions to limit such access to your data.


As such, you accept that your data may be transmitted to Linkedin and Twitter and be used within the framework of their Privacy Policy that BOOTS.RS recommends you read.




BOOSTRS secures your PERSONAL DATA by implementing appropriate physical, organizational and technical measures to prevent unauthorized access, alteration, use, disclosure, modification or destruction, in accordance with the APPLICABLE LAW.


These measures include the encrypted storage (AES256) of data on servers located within the European Union. In addition, all sensitive information in the database is stored as hashed data. We use an application firewall and IDS in place on our Cloud servers and we use Web Authentication based on the 256-bit SSL encrypted protocol. Finally, passwords are stored in an encrypted format, combining the Blowfish algorithm and the salting method.


Only our employees and contractors who must necessarily process your PERSONAL DATA in accordance with the purposes described in Article 4 above are authorized to access it under strict conditions of confidentiality and security.


Although BOOSTRS implements all possible measures to protect your PERSONAL DATA, we cannot guarantee the security of the information transmitted on our SITE during their transit via the Internet using an unsecured protocol.




BOOSTRS reserves the right to make changes to the PRIVACY POLICY at any time. You will be notified in advance by publishing a notice on the home page of the BOOSTRS WEBSITE. We encourage you to visit regularly to review the changes and to stay informed about the measures we are taking to protect your PERSONAL DATA. You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to consult our WEBSITE to be aware of any changes made to it, particularly within the PRIVACY POLICY.




To exercise your rights or any question relating to the PRIVACY POLICY, please contact us at the following email address [contact@boostrs] or at the postal address BOOSTRS, 91 rue Yves Kermen – 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt, France.


The PRIVACY POLICY was updated on October 1, 2019.