Jobs & Skills Library APIs

Explore and leverage a dynamic, prospective and exhaustive
jobs and skills database

→ Get jobs and skills descriptions, categories, titles, skills associated to a job,
job trends…

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Take advantage of an exhaustive database of jobs and skills.

  • Access over 5,000 jobs and 13.000 skills, normalized across specialities and properly structured.

  • Also access complete job details (alternative job titles, job and skill descriptions etc.) for all the platform jobs available.

  • Get jobs trends like the automation impact, the remote work capabilities, the required soft-skills etc.


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Jobs Library APIs


Job description Input a job and get its description
Job category Input a job and get its category (finance, marketing, legal…)
Job titles Input a job and get its alternative job titles
Job skills Input a job and get its associated skills (hard, soft, knowledge)

Job Trends APIs
Job automation index Input a job and get the automation score
Job remote work index Input a job and get the remote work score
Job demand tag Input a job and get its market context (tension, transforming, declining, emerging…)

Skills Library APIs


Skill description Input a skill and get its description
Skill category Input a skill and get its category (finance, marketing, legal…)
Skill type Input a skill and get its type (hard, soft, knowledge…)


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Ontology : data, AI and access
– May 2021 –


The impact of automation on jobs and skills : who needs a skill boost ?
– September 2020 –


Soft-skills and job market
– November 2020 –

Remote work

Remote work : an untapped potential?
– May 2020 –




Don't wait any longer to boost your solution, opt for ontology

Learning, recruitment, internal mobility, all these HR processes are linked by a common element : skills

To address these topics in an optimal way, relying on a jobs and skills ontology is paramount. This system describes key HR objects such as jobs, skills, courses or user profiles, and allows to link them together, using skills as a common denominator.
Powered up with matching and multilingual semantic analysis algorithms, you then get access to an intelligent system which can create individualized career and training paths.

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Our solutions rely on state-of-the-art natural language processing (NLP) and artificial neural network (ANN) algorithms developed by an A-team data science PhDs.


To serve its clients' global challenges, Boostrs’ skills intelligence engine is based on its market-validated multilingual and dynamic jobs and skills ontology.


Our data are issued from several repositories : generalist (ESCO, O*Net), specialized / branch and company-specific repositories.


Our clients in the public sector, pharmaceutical sector, transportation, etc. have pushed us to extend the reach of our repository beyond the standard job coverage offered in generalist repositories.


We brought in additional data, mostly proprietary: soft skills (through the analysis of 1M+ job descriptions), impact of automation, remote work capability, jobs in tension, emerging jobs, etc.