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Rely on AI-driven solutions and offer tailor-made learning content to support professional development


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Skill-centered approach

Access a standardized jobs and skills ontology, allowing to link over 5,000 jobs with 15,000 normalized skills.

Content management

By converting learning content into normalized skills and categories, get the full control over the content hosted on your platform.

Custom learning experience

The learning market is shifting paradigm.
Be at the forefront of the industry by suggesting users their next learning path.


Customize any learning experience with our NLP solutions

Natural language processing makes it easier to link jobs, skills and training.
Our solutions can identify :
The skills to be acquired to move from one job to another
The training courses that will enable the transition between two jobs

Provide standardized jobs and skills repositories

Normalized the jobs and skills data of your clients to help them suggest their employees best learning options.

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Learning catalog skills parsing

Extract, normalize and tag your learning content with skills.


Automatically convert learning content into normalized skills and categories thanks to our NLP algorithms.

Core database : Boostrs’ repository or your own repository

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Offer customized learning paths

Match any learning content with learners needs based on a job title or on a set of skills.


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Match learners with learning programs

Add a layer of analytics to your platform and suggest users their next course.


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Assess the relevance of your learning offer with job trends

Get trends on the future of work and assess how much your learning offerings is forward-looking.


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