Recruitment Solutions


Jobs and skills matching is no longer an issue.


Enhance any recruitment process from job offers recommandation to candidate to job skills gap.


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Enhance every process

Augment recruitment processes and speed up the decision making process.

Skill-centered approach

Access a standardized jobs and skills ontology, allowing to link over 5,000 jobs with 15,000 normalized skills.

Augment users UX

Augment candidate experience with AI insights and matching possibilities.

Offer customized career paths

Envision mobility plans for users and identify the missing skills to get there.


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Match candidates with opportunities

Match users with job opportunities based on sets of skills.


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Sort applications automatically

Sort all the applicants for a job by matching level.


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Provide job trends to users

Provide trends on the future of work to users so they can take the best decisions regarding their career.


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Optimize the writing of job descriptions

Expand your research with an inventory of alternative job titles and identify critical hard skills, soft skills and knowledge for any given job.


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