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A solid partnership for a successful transformation

Partnering with is about working with our experts to ensure a successful transformation. Together, we review each key step of your project to anticipate and resolve any potential sticking points.
You need help ? Our teams are ready to guide you and provide advice and best-practices throughout our collaboration. We only consider ourselves successful when your goals are reached!


A dual project approach for maximum understanding

At Boostrs, we sincerely believe that each company has its own issues. For greater efficiency, we always approach your projects from two different angles by combining our expertise in data science with our customer success approach, in order to get as close as possible to your reality.
Boostrs founders have decades of experience in data science and consulting and innovation projects, offering solid guarantees that our solutions will always be used to better match your industry needs and your organization’s specific context – and not by applying a ready-made recipe.
Catalin, who has a PhD in Physics, has managed numerous big data projects for international groups and therefore knows what makes a success… or generates a failure. Vincent and Grégoire have over 20 years of combined expertise in consulting and innovation management. They coach our teams of data scientists and customer success who work hand in hand to help you achieve your goals.