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Internal Mobility

“When you are an international company, it’s not easy because every country is independent. The hardest thing was to create a dynamic, a culture that would push everyone to succeed in posting jobs and receiving candidates from all over the world.”

Cesar Tierz – Worldwide Talent Director™ enables you to create a unique system and to push new opportunities internally, always based on skills. 

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“If we had been twice better in recruitment – meaning if we had made twice fewer recruitment mistakes. I think we would probably be twice as big in terms of revenue. If you take into account the cost of opportunity that creates a recruitment mistake, the cost of recruitment mistakes is huge.”

Simon Renaud – CEO™ allows you to develop an unbiased and more efficient recruitment process, taking into account hard and soft skills.  

Employer Branding

“We gather training needs every year. It’s a ritual but it’s inefficient. The truth is that most companies do not put skills at the center of their HR policy. Skills are a precise thing.”

Jocelyn Martin – Ex-HR Director and HR Consultant™ transforms how your company works on skills. Such an approach will help you attract the best talent. 

Retaining Talent

“Every time we lose someone we lose many years of investment. Finding someone who can attain that level of network, knowledge, and expertise is very difficult.”

Cesar Tierz – Worldwide Talent Director™ gives you the tools to retain more talent within the organization and significantly reduce your turnover costs.

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“We offer special onboarding training for new employees. It’s an important training that lasts 2 weeks. New team members can come from very different backgrounds with different levels of skill. We needed to make that on-boarding training as personalized as possible. The problem was that it took up to 50% of our training manager’s time to personalize the content. Leaving less time to spend with new employees and following-up with them.”

Caroline Noizet – HR Director™ makes it easier than ever to personalize training content. 


Strategic Workforce Planning

“Our Strategic Workforce Planning used to be done at the last minute. It required the work of 8 people and 2 full weeks of work. Once the project was completed, it was forgotten about. We didn’t even leverage it.”

Jocelyn Martin – Ex-HR Director and HR Consultant™ allows you to prepare your strategic workforce planning in a few clicks.


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