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Albert - Supercharge your People Intelligence solution with state-of-the-art technology

What is Albert?


Albert is a People Intelligence solution to help organizations manage business transformations by offering easy Strategic Workforce Planning and Right-Sizing capabilities.


Albert addresses 3 main use cases:


  • Demographics: it allows users to shed light on key topics such as diversity and performance.


  • Strategic Workforce Planning: it helps predict gaps in headcounts, costs, and competencies for the coming years, and eases the planification of the subsequent actions.


  • Right-Sizing: it highlights business needs by modelling key drivers and alternate forecast scenarios.



What’s key to this approach?


Data and technology.


To deliver these insights, Albert:


  • Handles clients’ unstructured data and free text (job titles, job descriptions…)


  • Provides clients with dynamic jobs, skills, and prospective data.



What does Boostrs’ technology bring to Albert?


Boostrs powers up Albert with a multilingual jobs and skills ontology and state-of-the-art NLP and ANN algorithms.


With this AI-powered skills intelligence engine, users can:


  • Automatically normalize and streamline their job structure.


  • Create the associated skills repository based on either Boostrs ontology or their own set of skills.




Technically, how does it work?


→ Boostrs’ technology is encapsulated into APIs that are directly connected to Albert.


Thanks to this seamless connection, customers can rely on the dependable data from Boostrs’ ontology and access its intelligent functionalities through Albert without even changing their job title structure.

Thanks to Jérôme Soulard and his team for their trust.