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EM Lyon business school - Plugging jobs and skills data into a corporate solution

Context and objectives


For EM Lyon, as for most professional training and education organizations, developing the employability of its community – be it students, alumni or participants in continuing education programs – is a key objective.


Indeed, the EM Lyon community incorporates a wide variety of professions in virtually all industry sectors, which brings a considerable richness in the array of skills they cover and the career path possibilities that open up. The aim of the school is precisely that: find the right path for any and all members of its community and support them in their career evolution.


EM Lyon has recently built a versatile application in order to support members of its community in their career progression.


The objective? Help users to identify their current skills, understand which career options are possible and which skills are required for every career option.


How can this be done? Thanks to data. However, finding the right job and skill data necessary to tackle this challenge is far from easy…



Skills, Training and Employability


At the heart of the matter lie 3 key notions:


  • Skills: a person’s ability to perform certain tasks or the knowledge necessary for performing those tasks.


  • Training: developing a person’s faculties or making him/her acquire the knowledge necessary to carry out an activity.


  • Employability: a person’s ability to hold a job and evolve in the labour market.


Training and employability are closely linked to skills – in the case of training, by their acquisition and in the case of employability, by the adaptability it requires in relation to their evolution.


Faced with the variety of professions and sectors of activity in which the members of the EM Lyon community work: how can one obtain an overview of both the existing skills and those skills that would contribute to their employability in order to train them?


This is possible thanks to a large amount of data. Unfortunately, most of the jobs and skills databases available today do not respond directly to this broad need.

« We have started our collaboration with Boostrs as part of our “Waze des competences” project, which aims to support all EM Lyon communities (students, participants, alumni...) throughout their lives in strengthening their employability. »

Ludivine Buffard, VP Organizational Agility - EM Lyon

A lack of suitable data:


Among HR actors, no one escapes the need for data, not even the training and education actors. However, today’s jobs and skills data are:


  • Segmented by sector of activity


  • Highly specialized by industry


  • Static (updated on an infrequent basis)


  • Not readily accessible from an existing SaaS tool


Faced with this observation, EM Lyon sought a partner capable of providing an exhaustive and dynamic multi-sectorial dataset that could be integrated into its internal career application. Boostrs proved to be the only solution in Europe that could do this.





Thanks to Boostrs, EM Lyon was able to provide a tailor-made response without having to change its internal tool.

How was this possible? Thanks to a flexible and fast solution combining jobs and skills repositories with API delivery.



Jobs and skills repository


The first foundational step was a 10-week project – namely the creation of the school’s job repository plus several additional sets of (parallel) skills repositories corresponding to the different educational programs provided by EM Lyon.


What makes these repositories valuable is the fact that they cover the diversity of profiles from EM Lyon’s curricula by adjusting the professions and skills to the different training programs.


Armed with Boostrs’ standardized and exhaustive jobs and skills data, the school and its community members were able to access the:


  • Possible career paths based on their current jobs and skills


  • Understand the skills required to connect these career path options


This was done without having to change the user interface, thanks to the Boostrs APIs.

« Boostrs brought us a great expertise in the field of data around skills (reliability, push selection, jobs ...). We have been able to verify and test the validity of the data provided by Boostrs as well as its completeness. »

Ludivine Buffard, VP Organizational Agility - EM Lyon

Accessing data while keeping the existing user interface? It is possible with Boostrs APIs


The second step: the integration of the APIs.


  • An API (Applications Programming Interface) is a programming interface that allows data to be exchanged between applications.


Thanks to Boostrs APIs, EM Lyon was able to access in real-time:


  • Standardized and exhaustive jobs and skills data


  • The matching results linking users’ skillset with potential careers explored


This flexibility has given a new dimension to the EM Lyon project.

« Boostrs has also enabled us to develop our project by pushing us further in the reflection and integration of new innovative uses and new functionalities. »

Ludivine Buffard, VP Organizational Agility - EM Lyon

What’s next?


For EM Lyon, the next step is to capitalize on other areas of Boostrs data product and expertise to perform a skill mapping of its training catalogue in order to best meet the needs of its community.



Many thanks to Ludivine Buffard and her teams for their trust, we are honored to be able to carry out this project alongside you.


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