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Groupe Lefebvre Sarrut - Carrying out the diagnosis a L&D offer

Context and objectives


Professional learning and development sector has considerably changed over the last years, moving from the range of knowledge to the range of skills.


In that respect, ELS Group (Groupe Lefebvre Sarrut) called upon Boostrs to carry out a diagnostic of the offer of its L&D organizations: Dalloz, Elegia, Francis Lefebvre Formation.


The main objective of this mission was to map and rationalize the L&D catalogs of the three organizations, and more specifically to:


  1. Identify potential overlaps between their offers
  2. Highlight the areas not covered by their catalogs
  3. Gain insight on the audience for which the training courses are intended in order to improve the relevance of the Group’s overall offer.





This project was carried out in 8 weeks and took place in 2 steps:


→  Standardization and translation of learning contents into skills


The first step of this mission consisted in standardizing all the data provided by Groupe Lefebvre Sarrut’s teams (learning contents and statistics related to past trainings) in order to translate them into standardized skills.


To do so, we relied on proprietary lexical extension algorithms (developed on the basis of BERT and USE, from Google) and text classification (on the basis of fastText, developed by Facebook) as well as on multiple data sources (O*Net, ESCO, WEF, ILO, Pôle Emploi, Indeed, Clients…)


This allowed us to link the analyzed contents to the standardized skills of our database.


The creation of this common and standardized reading key based on skills was fundamental to compare the training contents and to conduct the rest of the mission.


Diagnosis of the L&D catalogs


To carry out the diagnosis of the Group’s overall learning and development offer, we first compared the skills covered within the catalogs of the three training organizations (Dalloz, Elegia, Francis Lefebvre Formation). This enabled us to identify the overlaps of contents covering the same skills.


In order to optimize the composition of these catalogs from a multimodal point of view, we then cross-referenced this data with the training modalities under which these contents were delivered (face-to-face or e-learning). This analysis enabled us to highlight the imbalances and critical redundancies between the two types of formats. Indeed, if it can be relevant to keep learning contents covering the same skills in a face-to-face and a e-learning format, it can be useful to identify a large number of trainings covering exactly the same skills in the same format in order to rationalize them (e.g.: 5 face-to-face trainings covering the same skills).


Finally, we used our jobs and skills database to compare the skills covered by the three L&D organizations with the skills associated with the learners’ jobs identified by ELS Group. In this way, we were able to highlight any skills not covered in the training catalogs.


Obtaining this complete overview enabled Groupe Lefebvre Sarrut’s L&D experts to assess the relevance or not of the redundancies and the gaps identified in the training catalogs.





The work of standardization and translation of training contents into skills enabled us to:


  • Carry out an inventory of all the skills covered in the three training catalogs of ELS Group, i.e. more than 380 skills
  • Highlight the skills most present in these catalogs
  • Note that the overlaps between the three catalogs were quite limited
  • Obtain a better understanding of the profile of people taking the Group’s training courses.


Thanks to Boostrs’ technology, ELS Group was able to understand its L&D offer via a common reading key, allowing an audit of its different training contents, the identification of rationalization paths globally, but also within each training organization, as well as their multimodal coverage. This approach will now enable the Group to refine its offer to best meet the needs of its learners.



Once again, thank you to ELS teams for their trust;

we are proud to conduct this project with you.


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