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Sanofi - Establishing the diagnosis of a jobs and skills repository and enriching it with strategic indices

Context and objectives


In early 2020, Sanofi’s Strategic Workforce Planning & HR Analytics department engaged Boostrs to:


  1. Diagnose and enrich the jobs and skills repository of its HR department
  2. Calculate the automation rate of the jobs in this function
  3. Establish a diagnosis of Sanofi’s positioning in relation to the market in the face of this macro trend.


Due to the success of this first mission, Sanofi teams asked Boostrs for a second mission by extending its scope to three other corporate functions: IT, Legal and Finance. This additional mission consisted in:


  1. Establishing a diagnosis of the organizational structure of the 3 new departments and compiling the information obtained with that of the HR department
  2. Measuring the foreseeable impact of automation on the jobs of these 3 new departments
  3. Evaluating the potential for remote work in all the departments studied (HR, IT, Legal and Finance)
  4. Designing transversal career paths for all the jobs in the 4 departments
  5. Centralizing all this information in a digital and dynamic platform, the Skillmapper.





The two missions combined concerned four corporate functions of the pharmaceutical company (HR, Finance, Legal and IT), i.e. more than 220 professions and a total of more than 7,600 employees.


The combination of the two missions was carried out over a period of two and a half months, and took place in 4 key stages:



Standardization of jobs


In order to update the jobs and skills repositories of the four corporate functions concerned by the project, we first matched the 5,000+ job titles sent by Sanofi’s teams with our job database.


This first step is essential for any jobs/skills repository updating project because it allows us to associate each job title with a standardized job from our database and the 40 skills (on average) that are attached to it.



Construction of career paths


Based on the standardized skills listed in the jobs and skills repositories, we were then able to build career paths by highlighting the similarities between the different jobs studied.


The identification of these bridges through the prism of skills makes it possible to establish areas of professional development in an objective manner, but also to highlight the missing skills necessary to move from one job to another.



Streamlining job titles


By benchmarking all the results with those of other Boostrs customers, we were also able to advise Sanofi’s teams on how to streamline job titles within the four functions analyzed.


This is a valuable step, as limiting duplication optimizes and facilitates prospective and strategic analyses.



→ Enriching the repository with strategic and prospective data


Finally, thanks to the latest research work carried out by Boostrs’ data science team, we were able to provide Sanofi’s teams with strategic and prospective data concerning:


  • The jobs affected by automation
  • Jobs that can be done remotely
  • Trends related to the evolution of jobs: jobs in tension, emerging, in transformation, sensitive or stable.


The jobs and skills repository obtained thus offers a real prospective to better understand the company’s key strategic issues and anticipate the expected changes for jobs.





At the end of the mission, all the results were communicated to the HR correspondents of each corporate function in order to deploy actions specific to each of them.

« The quality of the data provided was impressive and allowed us to better understand the implications for employment and skills, and therefore to shape our future actions. »

Franck Thibault, Head of Strategic Workforce Planning & HR Analytics - Sanofi

As for the relationship with Boostrs, he adds:

« I also appreciated the quality of the project management - with regular contact points and effective input, as well as great responsiveness and ability to listen. »

Franck Thibault, Head of Strategic Workforce Planning & HR Analytics - Sanofi

Thanks again to Franck Thibault and his teams for their trust,

we’re proud to have built this project alongside you.


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