Politique de confidentialité


  • This privacy policy applies to you, as a user of the website available at www.boost.rs (hereafter named the WEBSITE). The purpose of this document is to provide you with information on how your personal data will be collected and processed by BOOST.RS (hereafter the COMPANY)

    Respect for your private life and your personal data is a priority for the company BOOST.RS which undertakes to comply with the Data Protection Act n° 78-17 of January 6, 1978.

    As part of the use of this service, BOOST.RS undertakes to respect the two following essential principles:

    • You remain in control of your personal data
    • Your data will be handled in a transparent, confidential, and secure fashion


  • ACCOUNT : : Designates the interface in which all the data provided by the MEMBER are grouped together. This data includes information about the MEMBER such as its e-mail address, personal information, etc. It is specified that an ACCOUNT cannot be transferred to a third party.
  • COMPANY : Means the entity in which the MEMBER carries out his professional activity and who has subscribed to the services of BOOST.RS. Thanks to an invitation code the MEMBER can easily share the data on his profile with the COMPANY.
  • CONTENT : Refers to all the information and data communicated by the MEMBERS on the CONTRIBUTION AREAS or via their ACCOUNTS, including all formats comprising texts, photographs, images, videos and all other multimedia formats.
  • CONTRIBUTION AREAS : Refers to all digital communication, publication, consultation, exchange and sharing spaces, on which each MEMBER may freely publish CONTENTS. The PROFILE is one of the WEBSITE’s CONTRIBUTION AREAS
  • DATA : Refers to all the information of the USERS’ PROFILES
  • GRADE : Refers to the appreciation by MEMBERS of a SKILL of another MEMBER on a scale ranging from 0 to 100%.
  • IDENTIFIERS : Designates the identifiers linked to the LinkedInTM profile of the MEMBER or his e-mail address and his password, according to the login option he has chosen for his ACCOUNT.
  • MEMBER : : Refers to any USER who creates an ACCOUNT and a PROFILE in order to benefit from the various services and features offered by BOOST.RS.
  • PROFILE : Refers to the page of presentation of a MEMBER, which may at any time be freely adapted by the latter. It presents its first and last names, profile picture, professional email address, personal email address (in case the password is lost or forgotten), phone number, current position (company, service), years of experience, diplomas, conferences, other professional experiences, hobbies.
  • SKILL : Means a quality or a talent of a MEMBER They are only positive elements of evaluation of the qualities of a MEMBER. The list of available SKILLS is predefined on the WEBSITE. The SKILLS are divided into different categories.
  • SERVICE : Refers to all the functionalities proposed by the WEBSITE, in particular the management of the PROFILE, the evaluation of the SKILLS, the sharing of the PROFILE to third parties or to its company.
  • USER : Refers to all the MEMBERS and VISITORS
  • WEBSITE : Means the application developed by BOOST.RS and accessible at the following address :https://boost.rs allowing the USERS to create an ACCOUNT et to manage their PROFILES by evaluating their SKILLS. The WEBSITE gathers all the web pages, services and functionalities offered to the USERS.


  • Your personal data are collected and processed by :

    The company BOOST.RS, is a simplified joint-stock company with a capital of 50 000,00 euros, registered at Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés de Nanterre – under the number 827 963 836, located at 91 rue Yves Kermen 92100 BOULOGNE BILLANCOURT, in the person of its legal representative duly authorized to conclude these (hereafter « BOOST.RS »)

    BOOST.RS is therefore the person in charge of the processing of the personal data, implemented in the context of the exploitation of the SITE that it edits.


  • The processing of your personal data has been the subject of a declaration to the French National Computing and Freedom Commission (CNIL – Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés) under the number [A COMPLETER].


  • As part of the exploitation of its WEBSITE, BOOST.RS may collect personal data concerning USERS.

    Those data will be processed in accordance with the purposes set forth during the collect.

  • In particular, BOOST.RS may collect personal data :

    • When you visit the WEBSITE;
    • When you use the functionalities and/or the SERVICES provided on the WEBSITE ;
    • When you register, create and update your ACCOUNT ;
    • When you create and update your PROFILE ;
    • When you engage in exchanges with BOOST.RS.

    Regardless of the manner in which personal data is collected, BOOST.RS undertakes to inform you of: the purposes of processing, whether the responses sought are required or optional, possible consequences of failure to reply, data recipients, the existence of a right to access, modify and oppose the data processing.

    BOOST.RS undertakes to obtain your consent and/or allows you to object to the use of your personal data for certain purposes when required by the Data Protection Act n° 78-17 of January 6, 1978

    The data that may be collected and processed by BOOST.RS to accomplish the purposes described in this Privacy Policy includes :

    • identification data (gender, last name, first name, postal and email address, phone number, if need be a copy of the ID card, a copy of identity papers for the purposes of proof of the exercise of a right of access, rectification or opposition or to fulfill a legal obligation) ;
    • data concerning the management and security of your ACCOUNT (identifiers, passwords) ;
    • data concerning follow-up on relationships : information requests, exchanges history with the BOOST.RS services
    • connection data (IP address, connection logs) ;
    • data linked to the PROFILE (first and last names, profile picture, professional email address, personal email address (in case the password is lost or forgotten), phone number, current position (company, service), years of experience, diplomas, conferences, other professional experiences, hobbies).


      • Your data is collected to ensure :

        • The proper functioning and ongoing improvement of the WEBSITE, its services and its functionalities;
        • The transmission of newsletter ;
        • The management of MEMBERS (ACCOUNT management, commercial management, follow-up on relationship with the MEMBERS (satisfaction survey, after sales service…) ;
        • Management of requests for rights of access, corrections, and opposition;
        • Elaboration of statistics to improve the functioning of the WEBSITE and the quality of services.
        • The compilation of statistics, notes and market trends developed on the basis of anonymized and aggregated data excluding personal data. When the data is used for statistical studies and research purposes, we remove personal identification data and we ensure that the smallest subset of data studied relies on a minimum data sample of 100 users.

        BOOST.RS may also use this data as needed for legal and/or regulatory purposes.

        In any case, BOOST.RS undertakes to process data for the purposes defined in compliance with the Data Protection Act n° 78-17 of January 6, 1978 as amended and with the approval of its processing by the CNIL.

      6.    CONSENT

      • When registering, managing your ACCOUNT, creating your PROFILE, you will fill up multiple forms and communicate various personal data concerning yourself, in order to benefit from the services offered by BOOTS.RS.

        By providing BOOST.RS with your personal data, you expressly consent to have such data collected and processed by BOOST.RS for the purposes described in each support of data collections.

        As a USER, when browsing on the WEBSITE you consent to have your connection data to the WEBSITE collected to facilitate your navigation

      7.     DATA RECIPIENTS

      • Some of your personal data can be communicated to partners or data processors in charge of the WEBSITE hosting or of its maintenance.

        Your personal data will not be communicated, exchanged, sold, or leased to anyone except the persons mentioned below:

        The data indicated on your PROFILE can be made available to your COMPANY, to other USERS and MEMBERS depending on the parameters you chose for your ACCOUNT.

        Depending on your choices, the following data that you publish can be rendered accessible to the USERS, MEMBERS and to your COMPANY:

        - First name
        - Last name
        - Profile picture
        - Professionnal email address
        - Personal email address (in case the password is lost or forgotten)
        - Phone number
        - Current occupation (company, service)
        - Years of experience
        - Diplomas
        - Conferences
        - Other professionnal experiences
        - Hobbies


      • BOOST.RS undertakes to ensure that the data it collects is retained in a manner that allows your identification only for as long as necessary to achieve the purposes for which such data has been collected and processed.

        Your personal data cannot be stored for more than twelve (12) months the closing or termination of your ACCOUNT ; with the exception of certain data archived in accordance with the provisions in force (especially those of the Code de Commerce, Code Civil and Code de la Consommation), when their retention is necessary to the establish the proof of a right or of a contract or in respect of a legal obligation.

        Exceptionally, your identification data will be kept for three (3) years from the date of closing of your ACCOUNT, from their collection or from your last contact.

        If the right of access or rectification is exercised, data relating to identity documents may be stored for the period provided for in Article 9 of the Criminal Procedure Code (ie one year). In the event of exercise of the right to object, such data may be archived during the limitation period provided for in Article 8 of the Criminal Procedure Code (ie three years).

        Finally, with regard to the cookies indicated in Article 10 of this Privacy Policy, the information stored on your computer or any other element used to identify you for purposes of audience statistics shall not be retained beyond a period of thirteen (13) months. After this deadline has elapsed, raw data associated with an IDENTIFIER is either suppressed or rendered anonymous.

      9. YOUR RIGHTS

      • It is reminded that under the Data Protection Act n° 78-17 of January 6, 1978, you have a right to access, correct, update, lock, or delete personal data concerning you that is inaccurate, incomplete, mistaken, out-of-date, or whose collection, use, communication, or retention is prohibited.

        You may also set guidelines for the retention, deletion and disclosure of your personal data after your death or for legitimate reasons to prevent your personal data from being used for the processing we are implementing.

        If you registered whilst minor, you can exercise your right to erasure. BOOST.RS undertakes to take reasonable measures, including technical measures, taking into account the available technologies and the implementation costs, to inform the data controllers to whom your data has been transmitted, of the request for erasure of any link to them/your personal data, or any copy or reproduction thereof.

        These rights may be exercised, by simple request by e-mail to the address contact@boost.rs or by postal mail to the address BOOST.RS 91 rue Yves Kermen 92100 BOULOGNE BILLANCOURT by justifying your identity and a legitimate reason when this is required by law.


      • BOOST.RS uses for his WEBSITE connection data (date, hour, internet address, visitor’s computer protocol, page browsed) and of cookies (small files saved on your computer) allowing to identify you, remember your consultations and to benefit from audience statistics and measurements, especially related to pages browsed.

        By browsing the WEBSITE, you agree that BOOST.RS installs this type of so-called "technical" cookies, whose exclusive purpose is to enable or facilitate the electronic communication of your terminal equipment with our website, facilitating the management and navigation on the latter.

        Our access to the information stored in your device or the recording of information therein will therefore be done only in the following cases:

        • Allow or facilitate communication by electronic means ;
        • Where this is necessary for the provision of our online communication service at your express request.

        As with other data, you can exercise your right of access to this connection data by sending it by e-mail to the address contact@boost.rs or by postal paper to the headquarter’s address of BOOST.RS by justifying your identity.

        If the browser allows it, you can disable these cookies at any time by following the procedure indicated by this browser.

        However, BOOST.RS informs you that such deactivation may result in slowing down and / or disrupting access to the WEBSITE.

        In any case, the information stored on your device (eg cookies) or any other element used to identify you for the purposes of audience statistics is not retained beyond a thirteen (13) month period. Beyond this period, the raw data associated with an identifier are either deleted or anonymized.

        BOOST.RS recommends that you read the information about cookies available at www.boost.rs/en/cookies


      • You have the option of clicking on the icons dedicated to the social networks Twitter and LinkedIn appearing on the WEBSITE. Any personal information that you may designate as public and accessible from your Twitter and LinkedIn, profiles shall be accessible to BOOST.RS and the USER expressly authorizes this access.

        However BOOT.RS does not create or use any independent database of TwitterTM and LinkedinTM from any personal information you may post there and the Company will not process any data relating to your privacy through this means.

        If you wish to challenge the BOOST.RS access to personal information designated as public and accessible from a link between your profiles and the applicable social network, you must use the applicable social network functions to limit such access to your data.

        As such, you accept that your data may be transmitted to LinkedinTM and TwitterTM and be used within the framework of their Privacy Policy that BOOTS.RS recommends you read.

      12. SECURITY

      • BOOST.RS respects the French Computing and Freedom Law in matters pertaining to the security and confidentiality of your data.

        As such, BOOST.RS takes necessary precautions to preserve data security based on the nature of your data and the risks posed by our processing. In particular, BOOST.RS takes precautions to prevent the data from being impaired, damaged, or subject to unauthorized access. The measures taken include physical protection of our premises, authentication procedures for USERS with personal and secure access using confidential identifiers and passwords, logging of connections, and encryption of certain data.